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Fun Magic Shows For Schools

It wasn't until my own children attended school when I realized just how great my school years were. Sure our teachers were very strict, and education focused, but they made every attempt to make sure we had fun when the time was right.  A holiday never passed without some kind of classroom party, or an auditorium assembly taking place.

Being a good teacher is helping children become great adults. Being a great teacher is realizing they're not adults, and they too need an occasional break from the books.  Unfortunately, continuous cutbacks have made it nearly impossible to offer any type of program unless it's curriculum based. Without teachers paying out of pocket, or PTO fundraisers, fun programs don't exist anymore.  Even if you can find the funding, trying to find something that fits your budget is discouraging. Many entertainers who perform at schools, charge as much as $750.00 plus travel expenses, a price that most schools simply cannot afford. To make things worse, time constraints often don’t allow for programs that are merely entertaining.

Show Options

I also offer  a 60 minute workshop option for small groups of older kids.  And of course, if you have a family program with mixed ages,  a full stage show that everyone will enjoy.
• 45 or 60 minute programs
• Can be performed anywhere from a classroom to an auditorium
• It can even be outdoors!

Finding The Right Magic Show For Your Event Just Got Easier