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Preschool, Daycare & Early Learning Center Magic Shows

“Children see magic because they look for it, and an LOL magic show gives them exactly what they're looking for.”

Prepare for lot's of EXCITEMENT with a colorful, silly magic show that preschool age kids love! You'll hear lots of giggles and belly laughs as I take everyone on a magical journey filled with funny stories, hilarious sight gags, and lots of FUN surprises!

Why An LOL Magic Show For Preschool Age Kids?

About The Show

Entertaining children is a skill, just like teaching them is.  With over 35 years experience performing preschool age magic shows, I've earned the reputation of being one of the best childcare center entertainers in the country. Why?  Because I don't try to fool them with magic...I truly entertain them. All ages are treated with respect, kindness, and gentleness, and they are all part of the show, not merely an audience.
When considering a magic show for preschool children, keep in mind that many 2 to 5 year olds...

• Don't quite get the magic yet.
• May be shy or unsure of what's going on.
• Attention generally wanders to the bird outside the window, or any other distraction.

Don't worry though, an LOL magic show has age appropriate magic and lots of the color, sound and silliness they love so much! 
So what do you get?

• A comedy magic show customized to your needs!
• The production of a really cute bunny that the kids can pet!
• Lots of audience participation, laughter and big smiles!
Please watch this short video and see how much fun kids have with an LOL Magic Show!